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Kittypup Rabbit.....unique pet products

tree untrimmed Pets treat tree for website - trimmed KittyKips Kitty Kips new style

Left- KittyKips original & right are drawings of the new style KittyKips that are in manufacture now, complete with sturdy radiator bracket.

          Pets wall mounted treat tree for hanging pet treats toys etc over the ears. Shown is 23" high.

Please email us for quotes on other sizes

Kittypup Rabbit Logo Photo Editor_DQzCu0

Welcome to my website!

My own brand `Kittypup Rabbit` products on my new website are all my own Inventions or Designs & these  will be personally shown at Pet shows and fairs around the country.

Prices for the treat tree & the new KittyKips will be on here the moment the stock arrives!

Pet Airs Elizabethan collars are available at Das Futterhaus store on contact page.

Purple & white doggies Debenhams teddies

Children often worry when their pet has to wear one of these collars? Why not treat them to one of these to care for and to maybe make it easier for them when their real life pet has to wear one....quality good branded fluffs at just £10 each plus p&p.

Dogs - rabbits & bears.  kittypuprabbit@btinternet.com

The Family Pet Show

We are exhibiting the above products and more at `The family pet show` at Event City in Manchester on  October 7th & 8th this year stand M26, please come along and say hello! you can also bring your pets to this fabulous event!